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Sinai Inside

Ahlan Wasahlan, أهلا وسهلا, Welcome to ‘Sinai Inside’, your inside-track on the authentic Sinai experience. We’re here to help you explore the South Sinai desert and surrounds, our homeland.

From the Red Sea coast to the mountains and valleys of the interior Sinai desert, let Sinai Inside take you on a trip through history, Bedouin culture, and the natural beauty of the land. The Sinai is one of the best places in the world to immerse yourself in an experience outside the ordinary and off the beaten track.

The pure desert vistas, craggy mountains, towering sand dunes, and wide open wadis that Sinai Inside explores offer you the chance to truly get away from it all. The ancient cultural experiences we share with you allow you to take a complete break from the modern world and still your mind, while nights spent under a canopy of stars untouched by light pollution, offer you the chance to reconnect with nature. We feel that there’s a special energy in the desert and at Sinai Inside we pride ourselves on our ability to share this with our guests.

We offer a range of services including, but not limited to; trekking, camping, desert safaris, bespoke desert trips, and Bedouin desert experiences, like an evening meal under the stars. We can also help you with transportation from Sharm el Sheikh airport and assist you with reservations for a range of accommodation options in Dahab, our South Sinai base.

The Sinai Inside team are all local Bedouin who know the Sinai like the back of our hands. We’ve been guiding and sharing our home and culture with others for many many years. We’re from different parts of the Sinai and some of us are from different tribes, but we all share the same passion for sharing our culture and land with our guests.

Join us travelling our land, share our unique way of life and feel the way time runs differently here. Shwya shwya (slowly slowly) that’s what the Bedouin say!

Our Bedouin Team

Meet the team


Mousa is a desert guide and our main driver. He’s been working in the desert for an impressive 30 years, starting out when he was just young by helping his father on trips. From Dahab and the Muzeina tribe, Mousa is also a top desert chef with an uncanny knack for fixing the fire. He lives with his wife and four children in Dahab when he’s not out on trips. His Toyota Hilux is his pride and joy.


Co-founder of Sinai Inside, desert guide, and PADI Divemaster Mohamed has loads of experience under his weight belt; for 13 years he’s been taking travellers diving in the Red Sea. From Dahab and the Muzeina tribe, Mohamed lives with his wife and young son and is famous for always having a smile on his face, above and below sea level.


Driver, chef, and guide, Saoud, from the Muzeina tribe, is originally from the Nawamis region but has been living in Dahab with his family for many years. Saoud is a very experienced desert guide who knows the South Sinai desert like the back of his hand. He’s also the best man for the job when the desert tracks require a skilled hand on the steering wheel!


Monem is the founder of Sinai Inside. He’s originally from Al-Jumea’a and the Sawarka tribe, he has been working in Tourism for 15 years. Monem guides desert trips and is a PADI Dive Instructor who’s been teaching courses for 8 years. He has a keen interest in the plants, animals, and geology of the Sinai and loves to pass on this knowledge to travelers.


Desert guide Salama is our go-to man for all the hikes in St. Catherine. He’s from the Jebeleya tribe and calls St. Catherine home where he lives with his wife and three children. Salama has spent his whole adult life working in these mountains and knows every single boulder, mountain, and camel-track intimately!


Without these team members, our hikes would certainly be a lot harder! They carry our food, our water, our tents and our bedding. Sometimes we have to get some outside help in the form of more camels, but these two are our main guys!